My New Year Resolutions and Goals – 2018 | MUNAZZA BANGASH

I finally understood the difference between Resolutions and Goals in my 2018 Bullet Journal set up. So here I am with my resolutions for the year 2018 along with the goals I want to accomplish this year, InshaAllah! 

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22 Things I Learned as I Turned 22 | MUNAZZA BANGASH

This year I am so grateful for everything that I have, because what I am today is what I have worked on for so long. Yes, I have a long way ahead to go, but I am starting to feel proud of what I have become; because it took struggle and hustle, and a lot of mood swings.

Makeup at Chase Up!

I have had sometimes great and sometimes absolutely horrible experiences with Chase Up. I have bought my studio essentials from there, a lot of new makeup to try, and what not. So today I will discuss briefly about what I like and what I dislike about Chase Up and its makeup. I will also discuss some of my absolute ride or dies from that place (that are extremely affordable).

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