Broke AF #1 – Eyeliner brush and a Back Story | The Hall of Beauty

The soppy back story I tell you in this blog do have a good side to it. I learned some great tricks in order to get things worked out for me at that time. So here I am with this series to help out you guys, and in turn get some Duaen. Yeah, I’m kinda old fashioned like that.



#QuickTip: How to Save Dried Gel Liner!

We all know how beautiful a gel liner can make a look, and we hold them very dear to our hearts. And it’s a real pain when they dry up, because then the liner just doesn’t look awesome and ruins the whole look, no matter how much water you apply to it.

Click to read what you should to get it back to its real state.

When mixing foundations… (Dos and don’ts)

Sometimes you’re pale, sometimes you’re tanned, sometimes you’re dry, sometimes combination, and so on and so forth. It happens to all of us. To master this kind of situation, we mix different foundations; darker with lighter ones to get the exact shade, sheer coverage with full coverage to get the desired consistency, etc.

Here are my dos and don’ts of mixing foundations.


#QuickTip: How to Draw Perfect Stripes (Nail Art)

I seriously didn’t know how to name this post. The moment my exams start, I start losing the talent of forming words.
Anyway, this short post is to answer a question by a girl who asked me how the “lines” are drawn perfectly on the nail with a nail polish, since the brush of a nail polish is thicker.


#QuickTip: Cheapest Way to Mattify your Nail Polish

Isn’t it amazing how the simplest things can get the job done easily? One should always keep it simple.

Learn how to get matte nails, the cheapest and the easy way!


#QuickTip: How to get Heat-less Curls

Learn how to get curls the easy way. Heat-less. Effortless. Simple Gorgeous!

What is your go to hairstyle?


#QuickTip: How to Wear the Perfect Winged Liner Easily!

A small tip for beginners to help them create the perfect winged liner every time!