Shopping at Beauty Point – Haul | THE HAUL OF BEAUTY

“Just let me shop, and no one gets hurt.”

This month, I did a lot of damage. Here is yet another glimpse of what I got (from Beauty Point), after a successful online order from!

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Beauty Essentials Mini Haul | the Hall of Beauty

Today we have an essentials haul with us. These are the things I ran out of and had to run and buy. Since, most of you want to know about skin care and other beauty ride or dies; I thought we can take a short break from makeup, and focus on some “beauty groceries”!


Mini Makeup Haul from Lucky One Mall | The Hall of Beauty

Assalam o alaikum ♡ So I visited the Lucky One Mall like a month ago with my friends (and had the best time ever), and the first thing I did (after eating) was visit all the outlets of Makeup. I wrote this post pretty early but got caught up, so here you go after a…

Advertisements Haul – Makeup Revolution, Masarrat Misbah and Sweet Touch| Munazza Bangash

Oh me? No, I’m just sitting here drooling over my own haul as I have no time to use it because in the past someone thought it would be a great idea to take exams.
Welcome to another haul from!


Long Due Collective Haul | Munazza Bangash

I purchased these things quite a while ago, but something always got in a way of posting it for you guys. So here I am, sharing with you guys the products I have already almost used up.


Random Eid Haul!

I randomly picked a lot of the stuff. It includes metallic nail polishes, eye shadows, pigments, perfume, pins, gel liner, fake nails, lash glue, bangles, etc.

So, these are the things I’ve bought.